About MMPP

How to use HLFFS?

HLFFS can be accessed at www.mmpp.hu or mmpp.hu on the Internet. In the [About MMPP] menu the short description of the research and the studies and other documents related to the data collection can be found.

In the [Analysis] menu the most important data of the data collection can be accessed. Using the [Filters] option you can select the companies of which responses you are interested in the analysis. Multiple filters can be used simultaneously, and applying filters will only show the responses of those companies that fit the criteria selected. Without applying filters all of the answers appear in the analysis. For more information about the application of filters see the [Help] menu.

After the selection of filters the responses of the companies can be analysed using different variables. Variables used can be chosen from the left variable list by dragging the selected variable to the analysis field. For categorical (Nominal and Ordinal measurement level) variables a ’Frequency table’ and descriptive statistics will appear. In the case of variables showing amounts (’Scale’ measurement level) the most important descriptive statistics are shown. Two variables can be analysed together as well. In the case of two categorical variables the result is shown in a cross table. For a categorical and a scale variable the means of the scale variable are compared by categories while for two scale variables the correlation of the variables are shown. The results can be accessed in a printable version as well. A more detaliled description of the different analysis options can be found in the [Help] menu.

The [Downloads] menu contains the whole database used for the Analysis menu as well as individual databases of the annual surveys in csv format that can be imported in Excel, SPSS, Stata and other statistical analysis softwares. The English language summaries of the Short-term Labour Forecast studies are also available in the menu.