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What data does HLFFS currently contain?

The database of Hungarian Labour Force Forecast Survey (HLFFS) contains the data of the Ministry of Finance (previously of Ministry for National Economy and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs's (MLSA)) and Institute for Economic and Enterprise Research's (IEER) joint survey of 2007-2017. In the course of these surveys 7247, 7246, 7152, 7113, 7134, 6782, 7013, 7179, 7112, 6835 and 6832 managers of Hungarian enterprises answered the questions put by the interviewers of the Public Employment Service (PES) and RIEE within personal interviews. The data published in HLFFS reflect the expectations, intentions and opinions expressed by the managers of these companies while being interviewed. Consequently the responds concerning the expected labour force demand are of orienting and informing nature and cannot be considered as a list of actual job offers.

Besides, the database of HLFFS will make available the data of the 2005 and 2006 waves of the surveys.

Data of earlier surveys are currently available at http://old.mmpp.hu/