What are filters used for?

Using filtering you can select which kind of companies will be included in the analysis. The resulting tables will contain only the responses of those companies that fit to the filtering criteria, only these companies will appear in the analysis.

If no filter is selected the responses of each companies surveyed will be included in the analysis.

What kind of filters can be used?

Filtering options included are year of data collection, county, employment size, economic sector, proportion of foreign ownership, and proportion of export in turnover. Filtering by year you can select which year responses appear in the analysis.

Applying the county filter you can chose which county's companies are included in the results, for example the respondents of one or more country, companies from Budapest and rural companies can be selected.

In the case of employment size filtering can be applied using five categories based on the statistical size of staff employed in the time of the data collection, which enables to show responses of different company sizes.

Filtering by economic sector five categories can be selected as well – agriculture, industry, construction, trade and services.

Applying the foreign ownership filter you can chose whether you are in interested in the responses of domestic, partly foreign owned or mainly foreign owned companies.

For proportion of export in turnover three categories can be applied showing the responses of not exporting companies, of businesses with proportion of export lower than 50 percent and of those that have more than 50 percent of export in turnover.

Is it possible to apply more than one filter?

For the analysis more than one filter can be applied at the same time by selecting more than one categories from the Filters. You can filter by more factors for example by employment size and county (e.g. Budapest companies that have more than 250 employees), by year and economic sector (e.g. companies of construction surveyed in 2017) or by the combination of any filter variables. On the other hand more than one categories can be selected from the same variable as well, for example the responses of each company surveyed 2010, all of the exporting businesses, all of the companies that are partly of fully foreign owned can be selected for analysis.

No result is shown when filters are applied

This can happen if the variable included in the analysis has no valid value if the selected filter is applied.