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Research and MMPP establishment supported by: National Adult Education Council (OFkT)

Research concept design: Ministry of Finance (previously Ministry for National Economy), MKIK GVI

MMPP concept design and development activities: MKIK GVI

Development, programming: nitestyle

Server operation: 3G team

Data administrator: Fruzsina Nábelek

This is the online surface of the Hungarian Labor Market Forecast (HLMF, from Hungarian MMPP) research. The HLMF aims to provide useful information to employees, job-seekers, employers and educational organizations on the expected tendencies of the Hungarian labor market. Our intention is to provide assistance in decisions concerning job-seeking, career orientation, workforce management and in organization of training programmes by making accessible aggregated data of company opinions and expectations regarding employment and the expected demand for labor force.

The data originate from the records of the Ministry of Finance (previously Ministry for National Economy and its predecessors) and GVI forecast. On the basis of these data GVI staff also prepare labour market analyses accessible at the Institute's website.

The previous version of this site is available at http://old.mmpp.hu/.